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432 Hz
432 Hz is relaxing for the body and mind and also harmonic and pleasant. Just through lowering the pitch of the chamber tone by only 8 HZ amazing vibrations can be captured. Music played with Chambertone A = 432 Hz feels calming and relaxing. Experience it Yourself.

These are Photographs of Light reflected on the surface of a circular body of Water, while being Vibrated to various frequencies. At specific Resonant modes, the waves intersect harmoniously, and we see wonderful Geometric Forms come into being. Each of these feature a variation of Five Fold symmetry, which is found through many aspects of Nature. Beyond their beauty alone, to me, these sound-over-matter Mandalas hint at a deeper understanding of motion and form, and opens space for the viewer to be brought into Harmony with the Musical Nature of reality. 

432 Hz works at the heart chakra. The Photograph below shows beautiful reflections of water, while being vibrated to a piano tuned to 432 Hz. Feel free and try it for yourself!


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